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LASHIC for Home & LASHIC for Facility

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By utilizing state-of-the-art sensors, we are able to pick up

detailed information with high accuracy.


size  14.4cm×11.4cm×3.0cm

weight  120g


size 14.4cm×11.4cm×3.0cm

weight  160g

​※Simply place it under mattress.

LASHIC notifies the caregivers, if it finds any abnormalities in the collected data. Using AI, it proactively alerts the caregivers of diseases such as dementia based on the collected data.

With the app, caregivers can gain a holistic view of their loved one's health and can track progress in real time.

For the development of AI, we are using data and knowledge that INFIC, the company that operates nursing homes, has accumulated over the past 20 years.

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Innovative fusion of advanced sensors and AI

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​Safe and secure for elderly people living alone

​Room sensor

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アセット 3_3x.png

In addition to the temperature, humidity and brightness of the room, it measures the amount of exercise. By combining these data, it can warn of heat stroke and detect wandering late at night.

Bed sensor

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Simply place it under your mattress and it will measure your movements in bed and your heartbeat. It enables prediction of the time of awakening, thus predicting bed release and reducing the risk of fractures due to falls.

Nurse call

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It is an amazingly cost effective nurse call that requires no complicated setup or installation. With just a push of a button, you can send out a call to a specific smartphone and have a conversation.


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Family members can check on the care receivers condition at all times via a smartphone application. With an easy-to-understand UI and push notifications when abnormalities are detected, you can keep an eye on your parents with peace of mind.


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Achieving both caregiving safety and cost reduction

Residents' health reports are automatically generated enable creating better care plans based on the data.


Thinking about care plans while checking the data can improve the quality of care and increase the confidence of caregivers.

Please contact us for Pricing

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Two types of sensors are used to watch the bed and space in care receiver's room.

By combining two types of sensors, the system can tell whether care receiver is on the bed, in the room, or out of the room.

This will greatly reduce the workload of caregivers, as they will be able to see how care receivers are doing without having to go and check each room.

A sensor detects sleep status, reducing the burden of late-night patrols.

It also measures temperature and humidity in rooms of care receivers, so it alerts caregivers when there is a risk of heat stroke or hypothermia.

nurse call status can also be monitored on the management screen, eliminating need for dedicated nurse call management equipment and reducing costs.​

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AI predicts when a resident will leave the bed reducing the risk of injury from falls.

Since bed sensors keep track of the pulse rate and the system on the bed, and room sensor measures the amount of daily movement, AI can be used to predict the time of leaving the bed.

It frees caregivers from the stress of constantly having to worry about injuries when care receivers leave the bed, and allows them to work with more peace of mind.

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