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Next generation
care solution from Japan

Power of edge technology relieves greatest fear of 
home care and facility care.

AI watches over care-receiver 24/7
Anticipate and notify you of hazards before they occur

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emergecy call

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Award-Winning Product

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"They reduce the risk of accidents and hospitalization" 

Chitosedai Sakura-sou Nursing Home


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"A promising product" 

Nikkei Xtech Aword 2018

Wide-ranging situation monitoring
and anomaly detection

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Monitoring Items

Our latest technology sensor captures a wide variety of data to monitor care receivers. Lashic system provides caregiver with proactive alerts and here are the following data that we track from sensors.

  1. Sleeping posture

  2. Temperature and Humidity

  3. Risk of heat stroke 

  4. Illuminance

  5. Location(In bed, In room, or Not in room)

Simple Installation Process

You can setup the devices in 3 simple steps:

  1. Connect the device to a power source in a location with WiFi and place it at the correct angle

  2. Download the app from App store or Play store

  3. Open the app, register your information. Boom! You will see the data populating in the app.

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Proactive alerts based on early warning signs

  • Sensor data from devices will be automatically analyzed by our sophisticated AI algorithms. As a result of the analysis, We send proactive warning to family members and caregivers.

  • This greatly reduces the mental anxiety of caregivers as they can deal at the early stages instead of dealing with in the late stages.

Dramatic Improvements in Caregiving Efficiency
Home Care Without Caregivers
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Widely used from nursing homes to home care

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”They reduce the risk of accidents and hospitalization”

Chitosedai Sakura-sou Nursing Home Manager

Grasping unnoticed movements from the monitor screen
We are now able to understand the movements and daily life patterns of our residents, which we had not fully grasped, and through care conferences we are able to create and update care plans, which we feel is effective in improving care to support independence.

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"I can always see how my mother is doing"


Peace of mind even when living apart
I started using LASHIC because I was worried about my elderly parents who live far away. I used to be worried because I couldn't see how they were doing since they lived far away, but by using LASHIC, I can see at a glance whether they are doing well or not.

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