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For Partners

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We're developing a whole new care system


We are looking for partners in three areas

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Localization LASHIC system and 

addition of functions suit each countries

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Businesses that have sales channels to nursing care providers

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Businesses that are developing a nursing

care business and want to try LASHIC 

Combining edge technology with expertise
in the nursing care business

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We are a major nursing home management company

Care facility and coordination offices :

21 areas, 48 facilities/offices

Total number of clients :


Nursing care training :

Over 450 sessions per year

Our tech-team knows both hardware and software

We are convened the best members from inside and outside our company to create a nursing care support system.


We are developing from the user's perspective while utilizing the latest technology.


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Our track record

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We aim to be a platformer for nursing care

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