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【Testimonial】Magokoro Town Shizuoka, a special nursing home for elderly

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Lashic Impact

Reducing the workload by optimizing nighttime patrols

The sleep rhythms of all rooms in the facility were visualized, and the appropriate number of patrols for each person was discussed at care conferences. We were able to reduce the workload by changing the regular patrols from every two hours in all rooms to only those rooms that needed it. The new system has been well received by the residents, who say that they are now less likely to wake up the residents during the patrols and that they now have more time and space to interact with the residents.

In addition, the introduction of the Mimamori Anshin Service has increased opportunities for staff to exchange opinions, which we hope will be utilized as a material for human resource development.


Purpose of introduction

We needed a system to reduce the workload of our field staff and protect them.

We needed a system to reduce the workload of on-site staff and protect them.

To provide support to each resident by managing temperature, understanding their daily rhythm, and confirming their safety.

Facility Information

Facility overview: 100-bed nursing home, 20-bed short stay, day service, in-home care support

Installed device: LASHIC-room, LASHIC-sleep, LASHIC-call


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