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【Testimonial】- Nikken Small-Scale Multi-Functional Home Imamachi

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Lashic Impact

Grasping the situation and providing calm care

With ordinary sensors, staff would only move passively after an alert sounded, but now they can monitor the movement with just a smartphone.

By actively monitoring the condition of the residents, we can determine what action is really necessary. Since we have only one staff member at night, we try to minimize the number of patrols at night, except for those who are sick or otherwise in need.

Our goal is to give residents a good night's sleep, but in order to do that, we have to maintain safety, which is an obligation of the facility, and LASHIC-care supplements that safety.

Now we can spend more time on the people who really need care, and we can use the free time more effectively for business. This makes it easier for the staff and prevents unnecessary visits to the residents, and prevents the inversion of day and night.


Purpose of Introduction

To reduce the flurry of nursing care work and create an environment where people can calmly focus on their care.

By reducing the psychological burden, they wanted to create a workplace where people can work for a long time with peace of mind, even if they are new to nursing care or have little experience.

To build a workplace where people who are new to nursing care or have little experience can work for a long time by reducing the psychological burden.

Facility Information

Facility overview: 29-bed nursing home

Installed device: LASHIC-room, LASHIC-sleep


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