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【Testimonial】My Life Onemichi, Health Care Facility for the Elderly

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Lashic Impact

Increase the time for care to support care-receiver's independence

The shortage of manpower is one of the most serious problems in the nursing care industry, and we believe that the shortage of nursing staff is the biggest management issue in the operation of facilities.

In addition to direct nursing care, we have been providing nursing care to patients in their rooms and beds in the facilities and units, asking them if anything is happening.

By introducing LASHIC and using it in the nursing care field, we have been able to improve the efficiency of our work centering on watching over the residents and increase the time for care to support their independence. This is helpful in practicing independent supportive care. We believe that it is important to have personnel with specialized knowledge and qualifications in nursing care, functional training, and medical care to focus on high-level specialized areas of work.


Purpose of Introduction

Aiming to create a system that retains human resources and prevents them from quitting (supporting the safety and security of our staff as well as the safety and security of our customers support)

IoT is used to support the recognition of abnormalities. It is expected to maintain and improve the quality of care, prevent illness and injury, and reduce the risk of hospitalization.

To reduce the risk of illness and injury, medical examinations and hospitalization, and stabilize the occupancy rate

We want to significantly reduce the burden of night patrol work.

Facility Information

Facility overview: 100-bed nursing home, day-care rehabilitation

Installed device: LASHIC-room, LASHIC-sleep


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