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【Testimonial】 - Maruko no Sato Wakaba, Community-based special nursing home for the elderly

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Lashic Impact

Concentrating on necessary care for those who need it.

Up until now, it has been the norm for nursing care to "visit and check with your eyes," and even when training newcomers, the importance of observation using all five senses has been taught. However, as the severity of the residents increased, especially at night, it became difficult for the staff to even have time to visit the residents, or to look around, which often disturbed the residents' sleep and woke them up.

With the introduction of this IOT-based monitoring system, we are able to grasp the entire floor without entering the room during regular nighttime patrols, and for stable residents, we can reduce unnecessary patrols and provide care that does not disturb their sleep.

In addition to teaching new staff the importance of observation skills, the IoT monitoring system reduces mental anxiety, and the 24-hour graph helps us understand the characteristics of residents, which is very helpful in improving the assessment and awareness skills of staff.


Purpose of Introduction

To improve the work environment, to save labor in nursing care work and to create a comfortable workplace by introducing IoT.

To create an environment where new employees can be trained and can focus on caring for customers with peace of mind.

To ensure the safety and security of care receivers, reduce the risk of hospitalization and evacuation, and stabilize facility operation.

To reduce the burden of nighttime patrols and to reform the way we work.

Facility Information

Facility overview: 20-bed nursing home

Installed devices: LASHIC-room, LASHIC-sleep


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