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【Testimonial】Chitose-dai Sakura house, Dementia-centered communal living care

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Lashic Impact

Grasping unnoticed movements from the monitor screen

We are now able to understand the movements and daily life patterns of our residents, which we had not fully grasped, and through care conferences we are able to create and update care plans, which we feel is effective in improving care to support independence.

By being able to grasp the status of each resident's room on a single screen, we can greatly reduce the workload of night-shift patrols, and I feel that this is helping to reform the way nursing homes work. (We can ensure the quality of sleep of our customers, which leads to improvement and alleviation of peripheral symptoms of dementia and mental illness.

Through 24-hour sensing by IoT, we can respond quickly to changes in the environment of each room, changes in the physical condition of guests, and notifications of their leaving movements, which we could not notice before. We believe that this will reduce the risk of accidents and hospitalization, and contribute to preventing a decline in the occupancy rate of the facility.


Purpose of Introduction

To reduce the burden of nighttime patrols and ease the mental burden of staff.

To reduce the burden of night patrols and reduce the mental burden on staff.

To provide care that is tailored to each individual.

To improve the quality of sleep for our residents, and help improve and alleviate the peripheral symptoms of dementia.

To reduce the risk of hospitalization and evacuation, and to stabilize facility operation.

Facility Information

Facility overview: 27-bed nursing home

Installed device: LASHIC-room, LASHIC-sleep


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